Thoughts about last night

15 Dec 2011

So after last night’s meetup I have a few thoughts on what went well and what did not. The technology worked surprisingly well, with two chat sessions running it was possible for everyone who had something to say get it across. Another thing I liked was having someone else on webcam, often when I am running a class I will be the only one presenting and it feels kind of weird sitting in a room alone talking to yourself, (I should be getting used to this by now, but it just isn’t the same without the padded walls ;-). When presenting face to face it is easy to read the audience and check that they are understand what you are talking about. In the online environment this is much harder to do.

One disappointing thing was how quickly the chat dropped off once I started recording. There was a lot of activity prior to starting the recording but it pretty much stopped once the recording started. Once the recording stopped the activity started up again. I think in the future that I will not record the event. The idea is to create a community focused around sharing information, and recording seems in inhibit that. I will ask the presenters to make their slides available for download for those who cannot make it. For those of you who did not make it the recording is here:

Rob Lee and Kenneth Johnson (!/Patories)) suggested creating a drinking game to keep the presenters on their toes, if you have any ideas for creating the game let’s hear them.

Both presentations went pretty quickly, and I think it would be good to keep it that way moving forward. According to the survey results people are most interested in case studies and malware analysis, and I think it would be great to have a couple of case studies each meeting. So if you have anything to share please let me know and sign up. I figure if we can get three people signed up for each meeting it will also provide a buffer if one of the presenters can’t make it because of work commitments.

If you are able to present please let me know via twitter (@mikewilko)