Online DFIR meetups

11 Nov 2011

At PFIC I was talking to Harlan Carvey about his NoVA meetups and how great they sounded. Unfortunately it is a little hard to get to them from Vermont so I have only been able to watch on jealously. Back in Sydney I used to meet up for lunch with a bunch of other forensicators every month or so, while it was totally unstructured it was still really good to be able to talk shop, with people from outside my lab and hear how they were solving the same problems I was facing.

When I got home from PFIC it occurred to me that I have an online meeting space I use for teaching. It allows screen sharing, chat and audio and video transmission. It is also supposedly able to support between 100 to 250 users. So I figured why not use this for an online DFIR meetup. In order to make it successful I have created a quick survey to see what people would be interested in, and hopefully find a few presenters! So if you are interested please take a couple of minutes to fill it out here: I will be posting more details here and to the win4n6 mailing list once we have them.