Forensic Story: The Odyssey of Mitra - A Modern Geek Tragedy - Cindy Murphy

15 Aug 2012

For those of you who do not know Detective Cindy Murphy of the Madison Police Department is bit of a legend in the DFIR field. In addition to working full time as a detective with the Madison Police Department, she is a founder of the CDFS (if you have not joined yet do so The winner of this years Forensic 4Cast award for Digital Forensic Examiner of the Year. For more details on some of her accomplishments go check out the nomination see

Once in a great while a case comes along that presents unique problems in the field of digital forensics and cybercrime investigation. Det. Cindy Murphy will present a retrospective case study regarding Rajib Mitra, a convicted hacker who targeted and attacked the City of Madison's Emergency radio system over a period of months during 2003. This case presented difficult investigatory and prosecutorial challenges as well as novel digital forensic problems. Det. Murphy will review the investigation, federal prosecution, trial, and judicial outcome of the first cyber-terrorism case successfully prosecuted under the US Patriot Act, including the resulting backlash from the defendant that resulted in unsuccessful civil lawsuits against her and ultimately in a second prosecution in 2009 against Mitra for possession and production of child pornography, despite the use of encryption by the defendant. Det. Murphy will review the methods used to break the encryption, the second prosecution in state court, trial, and judicial and final outcomes of the case. By way of warning, the presentation does contain some examples of the sexually explicit sound files played over our radio system.