Online meetup survey results

18 Nov 2011

So after one week I have got around to checking out the survey results. 68% of respondents went for Thursday, with 40% going for the 2000 time slot. So Thursdays at 2000EST it will be.

The format responses were interesting. Only 65% were keen on a panel discussion, so I guess that will be the last resort. 95% were keen
on a presentation format, which means that either you all lack imagination or you just want the option with lowest chance of technical difficulties. The tutorial/lab sessions came a close second at 92%. So I think we will try and run both of these to start with.

The really interesting stuff was looking at what people are interested in. Being a lazy kind of guy I tried just dumping everything into wordle and seeing what we got. It appears that Forensics analysis is the main topic of interest, what a surprise.

digtial forensic incident response survey results

Going through the results and cleaning up things a bit we start to see a slightly more meaningful result.

So the big areas of interest at this point in time are Malware, Memory and Case studies. If you are willing contribute something, but are not sure what, have a look at some of the topics in the graph above for ideas. I am sure that pretty much anyone with more than six months experience can address at least two of the topic requests.

The most encouraging part as far as I am concerned is the number of people who have offered to present. I have started contacting those who have offered to present and will map out presentations for the next six months or so. The first meetup will happen on December 15.
Harlan will be doing something on VSC and I will present a short case study on a serious assault case I was involved with a little
while ago. I will aim organize one more presenter for that night as well.

I do have the ability to record each session, however I am reluctant to do this in case it deters people from attending on the day. Let me know your thoughts on this in the comments. If you have any other ideas please post them in the comments, to the win4n6 mailing list
or email